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About Asaad The GXD

Lion of Allah

September 5th, 1989 - August 1st, 2020

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Asaad's Life Story

Asaad Muhammad was born September 5th, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Born into the Nation of Islam he was destined for greatness and to be a leader of men. From a young age at his home mosque Muhammad Mosque (#27), he began his warrior and Islamic training often captivating the believers with his natural sense of fearlessness and his loving spirit.


He started his education at the Muhammad University Of Islam where he first learned about what he has always loved the most the Brotherhood. At the age of six, he moved to Lithonia, GA to the infamous Salem Rd. He attended Murphy Candler Elementary, Snapfinger Elementary, Edward L. Bouie Elementary, Salem Middle School, Chapel Hill Middle School, and MLK High School. Throughout his schooling, he was known to his teachers and classmates as charismatic, charming, smart, funny, kind, and a fearless leader who was loved by every single person he met. Asaad was an athlete and champion in baseball, football, and martial arts. He loved community service in regards to the freedom, justice, and equality of all Black people.


Asaad is a beloved member of Muhammad Mosque #15 where he registered in 2007. There he furthered his knowledge of Islam and the expansion of his brotherhood. 

Assad is one of a kind and his heart pure. We plan to keep his spirit alive through spreading love and giving all that we have to help those in need through his foundation Asaad The GXD.

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